2012 Scarlet Knights

2012 Scarlet Knights
The 2012 FCYCT-Scarlet Knights (20 of 25 kids) before racing in Rhinelander.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Knightly News From WORS #3 Big Ring Classic at Nine Mile Forest in Wausau, WI

The larger-than-usual crowd was filled with anticipation as the series leaders were announced and instructed to approach the start line at the Big Ring Classic in Wausau on Sunday, June 12, 2011.  With the notable absence of three of their teammates – Daniel, Grant, and Katy – the Scarlet Knights were more determined than ever to score as many points as possible for their team.  That drive was made clear early on as soon as “GOOOOOOOOOOO!” filled the air.  The six Scarlet Knight uniforms of red and black had an impressive early lead over the remaining seventeen Junior male racers ages 11-14. 

The boys fought their hardest throughout the race.  The course was filled with several big, long hills and a great variety of single-track and double-track which had many fast turns and a fun jump for the boys to be air born.  Jacob continued to show determination and skill with each race as he earned his first-ever first place victory in the Junior male category ages 13-14 with an impressive finish time of 26:47.7.  Alex Halfman, who was also in that category, finished a strong third with a time of 29:55.5.  As usual, Alex could be seen riding the course with a look of pure joy on his face.

In the Junior male category ages 11-12, it was a close fight to the finish line.  Ben, another racer, and Aaron battled it out as the ring of cow bells and encouraging yells filled the air.  When it was all said and done, though, it was Ben’s race to be had with a time of 27:31.8.  Aaron finished a solid third place, just 10 seconds behind Ben.  Cole and Dylan continued to add to the team’s impressive standings by earning 8th and 9th place respectively out of a field of 17 males in their age group.  Cole wished he had access to all parts of the course on his early morning preride, but is now familiar with the course and looking forward to next year’s Big Ring Classic.  Dylan was frustrated that his chain fell off his bike several times during gear shifting, causing him to lose precious positioning mid-race (it’s a good thing that the Godfather taught the boys how to put their chains back on!).  Despite this, Dylan was proud of his performance.  “This was my best race yet of the season.  I felt more confident and know that my endurance is increasing. I had a great time!”  Congratulations to each of the boys!

Junior 11-12 years (males)
First Place: Ben Smith
Third Place: Aaron Smith
Eighth Place: Cole McDicken
Ninth Place: Dylan Eggebrecht

Junior 13-14 years (males)
First Place: Jacob Ahles
Third Place: Alex Halfman

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Knightly News from WORS Race #2 May 22, 2011 Camp Tasomas-Rhinelander, WI

The Scarlet Knights inaugural season continued with WORS #2: Crystal Lake Classic on May 22, 2011 at Tesomas Scout Camp in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  A steady rain on Saturday afternoon and evening created some prerace anxiety for both racers and parents as we all wondered what the course conditions would be like on Sunday morning.   The sun prevailed on race day and, as expected, the race was on as scheduled. 

The Scarlet Knights were well represented with six riders in the Junior race and one in the Citizen race.  The Junior race turned out to be the race of brothers as Aaron and Ben Smith continued to push each other.  Both rode very strong to finish second and third overall in the Junior 14 and under category.  Dylan and Grant continued to show improvement by getting through some tough muddy conditions and finishing eighth and second respectively in their age group.  A wrong turn by Jacob and Alex gave them a longer ride as they rode one lap of the Sport course instead of the Junior course.  In the Citizen race, Daniel continued to show that he can compete with the big boys and went on to finish 6th in the 14 and under age group.   

Grant had a smile on his face while saying in the middle of the Junior race, “There is the hugest puddle back there!”  This confirmed that WORS racing is all about challenging ourselves and having fun.  Results were as follows:

Junior 11-12 Years (Male)Aaron Smith: first place (second place overall 14 & under)
Ben Smith: second place (third place overall 14 & under)
Dylan Eggebrecht: eighth place

Junior 13-14 Years (Male)
Grant Slocum: second place
Jacob Ahles: third place
Alex Halfman: fourth place

Citizen 14 Years & Under (Male)
Daniel Gretzinger: sixth place

Pictures From the Iola WORS Race

Pictures provided by Diane Smith from the Iola WORS race